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"Caretake this moment. Immerse yourself in its particulars.....fully inhabit the situation you happen to be in now." - Epictetus



"This is a woman who is making a difference. This is much needed and complements our 2023 Rx Laughter " Social Media Child Exploitation" project. https://quitclickingkids.com
Social Media - Child Exploitation

We are currently (2022:2023) working on a unique case involving a Facebook page with over 1 million followers . The parents who produce these videos show their children as entertainment while putting them in emotional, physical and psychological abusive circumstances. They do this by posting short clips which they publicize and promote thru social media. This is how they make their sole income, which is substantial. The children are unknowing and often unwilling participants, They are in hiding from authorities. We are actively involved in bringing this case to light and stopping their abuse.

In the future, we will be focusing more of our efforts on more children.where social media is used to harm or exploit children using emotional, physical or psychological abuse for financial gain by the caregivers. These will be special cases selected by us or brought to our attention.

If you would like to make us aware of a situation in this regard in some way, please contact the Founder at contactrxlaughter@gmail.com. Please put "Rx Laughter-Child Exploitation" in the subject line. All information will be confidential.

Thank you.