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"Caretake this moment. Immerse yourself in its particulars.....fully inhabit the situation you happen to be in now." - Epictetus



Mental Health Writers Workshops
(Therapeutic and Educational Digital Seminars)

Rx Laughter is a charity founded in 1998 that shares television and film clips from classic to contemporary to help viewers, young and old, from diverse backgrounds and across all socioeconomic spectrums learn positive coping skills through humor. We tailor this to the behaviorial support group ( cancer survivors, addiction, depression and so on). We offer uplifting therapeutic entertainment free programs as a package or individually, primarily digitally to illustrate positive coping for improved mental health strategies for youth and adults.

We run programs in writers associations, writing workshops, therapists, clinicians, academic programs, corporations,Producers and writing staffs, and in mental health clinics and behavioral health programs for youth and adults with mental health issues such as suicide ideation, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, depression, isolation, family issues, and chronic angere some examples.

We teach aspiring and accomplished writers how comedy can be integrated into storytelling to illustrate unique ways of coping with life issues. This is done either online, in person , live or as a package of digital material for educational purposes.. Clips are 1 to 2 or 3 minutes, are free to the public, and can be produced specifically for Rx Laughter (as with our Prescribed! clips),or are already produced clips of classic and contemporary films and that illustrate comedic, unique and/or aspirational ways of coping.

We also continue our original work helping people with serious illnesses, selecting wholesome and age appropriate uplifting free clips from musicals, films, series and specials to relieve their pain and improve their moods and quality of life during treatment and recovery at hospitals to relieve isolation.

Aspiring and accomplished Producers and staff writers gain knowledge into entertainment as a mental health resource.

We can offer this as a donation from the sponsoring entity for operational and program costs. We are a tax exempt charity. As such, the fee is tax exempt as allowable by law.

Please email contactrxlaughter@gmail.com and put this above title in the Subject line.

Sole Author:
Sherry Hilber,
Founder, Rx Laughter
EIN tax exempt 200379277
501c3 charity