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"Caretake this moment. Immerse yourself in its particulars.....fully inhabit the situation you happen to be in now." - Epictetus



Mental Health Emphasis
(Comedy & Humor)

Fall/Winter 2021: Rx Laughter Mental Health Entertainment industry coalition.

Rx Laughter is now part of a coalition promoting positive messages in mental health storytelling. Our partners include MTV, USC, Sony, Viacom CBS, Disney, and mental health organizations including NAMI, the the American Psychology Association and several others.

The goal is to advocate for stories about resilience, hope, healthy coping and courage to writers and producers of television series and films. We bring our interest in humorous storytelling to this unique partnership.

We are honored to be invited and accepted. More to come.


Physical issues such as chronic pain and serious illness often result in depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness and isolation. We have noticed that several mental health issues have often been portrayed in a negative way in movies and series. Rx Laughter believes that it is important to show how mental health issues can be destigmatized and how humorous and compassionate stories can reduce the shame that often surrounds it and can create a healthier self image.. Hearing others share their success stories of how a humorous perspective helped them brings hope snd motivation whether one on one or in a virtual format. Positive and open portrayals in film and television series can also elicit discussions in support groups. This can lead to a more open, constructive quality of life along with new insights and new therapeutic approaches.

One of the ways to do this is through creative expression through art. Writing and comedic storytelling is a valuable way to accomplish this starting in the classroom, at mental health centers and hospitals and on the internet.

Thus, Rx Laughter has been developing and implementing our Mental Health Initiatives during the past few years. We have implemented programs in the past few years at the Franciscan Hospital for Children's Behaviorial Disorders Unit in Boston, The Edelman Westside Mental Health Clinic in Los Angeles , the Marksteon Center in Oakland California and The Highpoint Castle Clinic in Brockton, Massachusetts . We have our Comedy Coping Clips on our Digital Wellness Center and are developing these projects among others in unique collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations to join forces in fresh, new ways to bring about this change.at an early age through adulthood. This is especially important due to the mental health issues due to the financial, physical and emotional problems many are currently dealing with as a result of the Covid pandemic.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more:or if you are an organization or educator interested in partnering. Our programs are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the age and population being helped. Our Email is contactrxlaughter@gmail.com Please put "Rx Laughter Mental Health". in the Subject line. Thank you

- Virtual Writing Workshop: A class for learning how to find humor in situations.

- Writers Workshops as part of existing writing competitions at festivals, networks and studios. Planned for Spring 2022.

- Rx Laughter writing competition.In development with entertainment partnerships and expert panels of judges.

- Virtual Seminars: Clinicians and entertainment industry professionals discuss the role of humor in mental and physical health, including their personal experiences.

Please check back for updates and partnerships of these projects.

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Sherry Hilber,
Founder, Rx Laughter
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