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"When humor goes, there goes civilization." - Erma Bombeck



Rx Laughter Productions

Rx Laughter Productions is a subsidiary of Rx Laughter and allows for-profit collaborations. It is part of the Rx Laughter trademark. It encompasses all forms of wholesome, age appropriate and uplifting entertainment for people of various ages.

New 2023/2024: Virtual Reality in Health Care:

Researching and implementing the use of virtual reality to alleviate pain, reduce trauma and use as psychotherapy. Documentary specials tracking key players and progress..Discussing with collaborators. Contactrxlaughter@gmail.com

"In Production: The Rx Laughter Humor and Adversity Book"

Top Writer/Producers disclose exclusively how they learned to use humor to cope with problems. These are Essays and written by them for us in never-before-told styles. Currently in production. For distribution to schools, mental health clinics and support groups for teens with behavioral issues. Fall 2023 release.

"Active: Founder's Blog: "Memoir - A Dark Comedy about starting over:"


Taken from the Founder's real-life experiences as a single woman trying to start a new life after losing everything in a fire. Tips on handling it alone.

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