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Wellness Projects

"For every minute that you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Social Outreach- Helping those who are homeless:

List of donors to homeless shelters this holiday season to lift their spirits and offer comfort: A social media outreach service provided by Rx Laughter.

The Donor info: (your name will be added to this list).

Charmaine Coimbra
Santa Fe, New Mexico
“Coats for Kids”

Laura Aved
Studio City, California
Warm weatherproof raincoat purchased at Jewish Thrift Council

Patricia Douglas
Burbank, California
Burbank Local Shelter
Various warm clothes for adults

Offer warmth, clothing, items they need to stay as safe from harm as possible. Donate directly to your chosen shelter and just email us your name, location and name of shelter . We will post it to start momentum. Email us at contactrxlaughter@gmail.com and put "Rx L Social Outreach" in the subject so we receive it.

Please note: We do not accept or process any of the items and do not provide receipts for tax deductible purposes. Thank you.