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"Laughter is the tonic, the surcease, the relief from pain."

- Charlie Chaplin


"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand"
- Mark Twain



The Rx Laughter Digital Wellness Center links:


Wellness Projects category on top of this website home page for general info about these and our at-hospital programs.

New auction. With gratitude to Larry David.


New Mental Health Initiative - Covid Crisis Care for Health Care Workers and First Responders 


UCLA and Rx Laughter Humor Research Partnership: (medical peer reviewed publication)
Rx Laughter Conceptualized lab research with UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center, Mattel Children’s Hospital and Semel Psychiatric Institute - publication of results in national scientific peer reviewed ECAM 2007. http://rxlaughter.org/journal_article.html

New 2020/2021: Expansion of virtual programs to include broader forms of entertainment, with comedy continuing as our primary healing focus

Long term goal: interdisciplinary Rx Laughter Entertainment Healing Center. Research, Therapeutic and Education.



Our missions are two-fold: 1) To bring gravitas to the concept of humor and comedy as a coping and health resource within the medical community, and 2) To develop & implement high quality therapeutic, educational and research humor programs for youth and adults coping with serious physical and emotional challenges. Click on Photos below to link to our pages.


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