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"Scientific and humanist approaches are not competitive but supportive, and both are ultimately necessary." -Robert C. Wood


Research Team at the Mahavajiralongkorn Cancer Center in Thailand, a division of the National Cancer Institute:

Message from the Director of the
Mahavajiralongkorn Cancer Center:

Headquarters for our Research partnership:
The Mahavajiralongkorn Cancer Center in Thailand.

The Head Nurse of Radiology & Outpatient Services
Khun Wanna RN (standing) with Nurse Khemachit
Mookdadee and some patients.

Nurse Khun Wanna: "Humor therapy is a brand new concept in Thailand. This research is innovative. Before, we just focused on medicine, but now we are looking at holistic alternatives to complement the coping process of our patients. It is exciting to learn & observe the benefits that the patients receive from this humor therapy"


Nurse Khemachit Mookdadee who is in charge
of our research data collection.

"Humor therapy has become important to these cancer patients. It helps them to enjoy life and forget some of their pain. The patients are relaxed, able to reduce their anxiety, and generally sleep better. This leaves their overall health in a better state"


Research Team:
The Staff on Ward 6 of the NCI Hospital in Thailand.

Joy Bhosai (right), Fulbright Scholar & Rx Laughter
Principal Investigator with Head Hospice
Nurse Suwanna Inthong.

Ms. Bhosai: "I'm excited about studying humor therapy, particularly how patients respond to these sessions. While it is important to treat cancer with biomedicine, it is also nice to see how humor can be used to complement the patients' overall well being. Most importantly, we are able to see how laughter, or even a simple smile, may be reflected in patients self-reports of pain."


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