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Very Special Thanks to Ray Romano, Kevin James , Dane Cook & our Host Megan Mooney, for giving your time & incredible talent that made this event so memorably funny!

Photos for Rx Laughter Courtesy of Daniel Longmire Photography at www.longmirephoto.com. Copying, Reproduction or Distribution of any kind from the www.rxlaughter.org. website is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




Comedy Central Benefit for Rx Laughter Starring Ray Romano, Kevin James, Dane Cook and Host Megan Mooney. Sponsored by Adlink, Mervyn's and Good Guys:

Ray Romano accepts the Rx Laughter 2003 Generosity of Spirit Award: (From left to right: Matt Brown of Adlink, Lonnie Zeltzer M.D. of UCLA, Ray Romano, Sherry Dunay Hilber, Founder of Rx Laughter, and Tony Fox of Comedy Central.)

Special Thanks

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