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November, 2001 "Written By" Member's magazine


"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
- Eden Phillpots



Press Article

Healing With Laughter

Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn
Pugh Davis visit dialysis
patient Tony as a part of
Rx Laughter's program


Rx Laughter, an innovative project using humor as a healer, founded by entertainment industry executive Sherry Dunay Hilber, recently completed an important phase of its program. Numerous healthy children and teens were hooked up to monitors as they watched funny TV shows and films (such as Malcolm in the Middle, Blazing Saddles, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons) to see how humor affects physical and emotional health. The goal is to incorporate humorous TV shows and films into medical treatments at hospitals across the nation. Results will be presented by Hilber and UCLA cancer researchers the end of the year.

The next phase of the project, which begins early next year, will involve ill children and teens watching funny TV shows and films as they undergo their medical procedures. Researchers will study how humor can improve immune function and reduce pain.

Rx Laughter takes place at the Jonsson Cancer Center, the Mattel UCLA Children's Hospital and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital.

If you'd like to help keep this project going, contact (310) 206-3932