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"Scientific and humanist approaches are not competitive but supportive, and both are ultimately necessary." -Robert C. Wood


Participating patients at the Mahavajiralongkorn Cancer Center in Thailand, a division of the National Cancer Institute:

Many patients at this cancer center cannot afford psychotherapy. There is usually no entertainment available of any kind due to lack of resources. In this therapeutic project, members of cancer support groups watched their favorite Thai comedy films & television shows. Research Results: Improved sleep, noticeably less pain and depression. The control group did not experience these significant improvements.

We are deeply appreciative to each person shown below. Their courage and optimism are heroic.

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NCI Patient Photos - Consent information:
Patient consents have been given to show these photos exclusively on the Rx Laughter website. No reproduction, distribution or other usage is allowed elsewhere for any reason whatsoever.

Photos of NCI/Rx Laughter Research Project on this website are courtesy of Joy Bhosai for Rx Laughter.